FCM encourages all municipalities across Canada to add your voice to the municipal movement that's building a better Canada. By adding your voice, you'll join nearly 2,000 other local governments representing 91 per cent of the Canadian population.

FCM is the national voice for Canada's local governments. We understand that the solutions to some of this country's biggest national challenges can be found in local communities. We work hard to ensure our members' issues are heard at the federal level. What's more, our members receive exclusive access to distinct benefits, everything from expert analysis on federal legislation that impacts municipalities to a say in resolutions that guide FCM's advocacy work on Parliament Hill.

% Of Municipal Population
  Alberta 241 97.780%
  British Columbia 185 99.381%
  Manitoba 135 99.793%
  New Brunswick 71 98.316%
  Newfoundland and Labrador 163 81.916%
  Northwest Territories 14 94.893%
  Nova Scotia 49 99.941%
  Nunavut 19 77.044%
  Ontario 348 95.648%
  Prince Edward Island 23 82.809%
  Quebec 441 58.071%
  Saskatchewan 411 87.907%
  Yukon 9 100.000%